Maurice Glass Decor

P104139-15.5”H x 8.5” dia.
Other Assorted Shapes
C19-Elegant Tall Urn Vase
C-634-Tall Flared Vase/
Sq. top-13" H

Moon Vases!
C613- 6 "opening x 8" H
C713- 5" opening x 7" H
C-360- 5.5" opening x 8" H

C-82- Pocket Vase- 8" H x 6.5" x 3"
C50-ClassyRuffled bottom Rectangular Vase-10" H x 6"x 2.5"

C139- Aquarium Vase- 9.5" Wide/ 1.5" thick x 8" H
More sizes available)

G8946/140-Flower Pot Vase- 5"H x 5. 5" d.

G8946/120-Flower Pot Vase-4.25"H x 4. 5" d.

C61-Sm. Urn Vase-6"H x 3.5" sq.
New! Zebra Vase- Also available in white with black stripes!
C613- 6"opening x 8" H-Another view



Flutes & Flairs

Bowls &
Serving Pieces

Small vases & Candleholders

Large Floor  Vases

Other Assorted Shapes


Engravable  Award Pieces

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