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Bowls & Servers
C-2011 Pedestal Bowl-12" D x 9" H;
Made of thick, optic glass
P14338-11"D x 8"H
Made of beautiful Polish Glass
C-1025-10" D x 5.5"H
C-8 Bubble Bowl-8"D.
C809--Wok Bowl-10"D x 4" H

C46925-Cylinder Bowl-
10"D. x 4" H

C68-6"D x 8"H

C119--Globe Bowl-12"D x 7"H
Great for terrariums!

C358 -8.25"D x 14" H
Also available in 16.5"H


C27-Mini-Pedestal -8"D x 6" H
C-56-5"D. x 6" H
P17434-13.5"D x 6.5" H  Made of Beautiful Polish Glass
Copyright 2010 Maurice Glass Decor

C26 Low Bowl 12.5" wide x 6"H
C-13030 Footed Server-4.5"H x 9.75"D
C633 Bowl w base-12"d x 4.5"H
C558-14"D x 6" H
C68-Goblet Pedestal—6”D x 8” H
C59-11"H x 8"D