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Flutes & Flairs
Closeup of PG66540

Classic Flute Vases

Available in 3 sizes:

C1266-6" D x 12" H

C-1268-8"D x 15.5" H

C-1270-10"D x 20"H


Trumpet-Flute vases:

#73950- Hear Yea, Hear Yea! Which is the fairest vase in all the land? "I am!" said this gorgeous clear glass flared cylinder with the smoothest, silkiest body to be found. It is 20" tall, 9.5 in diameter; weighs 5 lbs

#73940 -15.75" tall, 7.75 in diameter; 3 lbs.

#73930-11.75" tall, 6.75 in diameter, 2 lbs

Imported from Poland
Limited quantities available


(left to right)

Flared Cylinder
C-24- 11"H x 8.25"D

Modern Flute Vase 
C-1264--11.75" H x 7" D

Flared Cylinders:

#66534-13.5" tall, 6.75 in diameter, 5.5 lbs.

#66540-15.75" tall, 7.25 in diameter; 5.5 lbs

#66526-10.25" tall, 5" in diameter; 3 lbs.

G7788/18- 7.25” Cylinder Vase Flared- 5.75” dia.

Imported from Poland
Limited quantities available